Our Fall/Winter CSA is sold out!

Please check back with us for Spring sign ups!

Community supported agriculture

Do you like local, fresh grown produce?

Do you want to eat healthy, be well and know where your food comes from?

Want to keep responsible, organic agriculture in your community?


Community supported agriculture supports all those ideals and more. When you become a member of our CSA, your part of our farm. You'll receive your weekly 'share' of the bounty each week with varieties of the freshest in season produce that can be grown in the Lowcountry.


When we open our sign ups in January, you'll pay us upfront for a seasons worth of fresh veggies. It allows us to plan, plant and fund the upcoming growing season. All spring we'll prep the soil, till, seed, transplant and tend to your veggies. In Mid-April we'll begin harvesting and you'll collect your harvest. CSA programs give you seasonal produce access, exposure to new varieties and quality like you just can't get in the store. CSA's strengthens the local economy,  your relationship with food, your farmer and the environment.


Join us!

Being part of our CSA means you are joining us on our farming adventure with Mother Nature. Farming carries an inherent risk and offers bountiful rewards. Please remember that, we are but a small rock hurdling through space in rotation around a star. We will do our absolute best to provide you with a stunning harvest each week. Occasionally, we may face a weather delay or natural occurences beyond our control. Thank you for taking the risk with us to make this world a more beautiful, healthy place to live in and raise our families.